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Next Everton Manager Market

next everton managerNew manager markets are always interesting to observe.

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Recently, I wrote about the opportunities that were available in the next man utd manager market on Betfair.  However, in a shorter space of time, the next Everton manager market has been a lot more interesting.

This is because it seems like no one is actually too sure what is going on!

Some next manager markets are worth getting involved with when it seems like the markets are unsure. This means you will see multiple different favourites which can create a nice “Lay The Field” opportunity.

Already, if you had just put in an order to lay every manager once they hit the price of 4 you would have been matched on SEVEN different managers. So, if you were doing this with £100 stakes and a £300 risk you would currently be sitting on a profit of £300 with the strong potential that more money could be added to that profit if someone else is mentioned for the job some day soon.

The fact that David Moyes left so suddenly and that the current season is over means that Everton can take a bit of time before deciding on their new man. This could easily rumble on for a few more weeks yet which is just what you want when trading this sort of market as the longer it goes on the more likely rumours will pop up and the markets will find a new favourite.

As I write this Martinez @ 3 is the market favourite but his price has been up and down like a yo-yo so far as you can see below. Last summer, Martinez was a hot favourite to be the next Liverpool manager and traded quite low before deciding against the job for some reason.

Martinez has already touched the price of 3 a few times and bounced back out FIVE times so there could be time yet for more movement. aaa everton manager


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