Miracles Do Happen….

Not sure many would have expected to see Celtic beat Barcelona but they did run them close in the Nou Camp so, with hindsight a good benefit, the price of 13 available on Celtic at kick off was pretty tasty. Barcelona were actually 1.30 favourites at kick off and part of many accumulators last night I am sure.

This was quite a sensational result with the 2-1 Celtic Correct Score matched as high as 48, the 2-0 was matched as high as 160 before trading as low as 1.30 which would have been a nice trade too if you were on that somehow.

I was bouncing around from match to match as it was a great evening for football but it did seem llike Barcelona had plenty of posession but werent cutting Celtic open. With this I decided to wait until the odds on a Celtic lay were a bit more reasonable then the inital price of 4 they were when 1-0 up.

Late on in the match I decided to lay Celtic when they went as low as 2, but then I looked at the Correct Score market which was actually priced @ 2.20 at that moment. My view at this point was that I could just lay the 1-0 scoreline and then take a full profit whoever scores the next goal. This was some relief as it was Celtic who made it 2-0 but this shows that you should always look at all the markets availble to you. If I was to lay Celtic I needed a goal anyway so why not just lay the current score if its available at a similar price?

The last time Barcelona lost a group stage match in the Champions League was back in October 2009 when Rubin Kazan beat them. The last time they lost a group stage match away from home was back in October 2006 when Chelsea beat them in Stamford Bridge.Quite an amazing acheivement for Celtic and they are now in a great position to qualify for the next stage…

That wasnt the only big price of the night as there were some bizarre events in the Braga-Man Utd match.

Man Utd went a goal down and then the floodlights went out. This proved to be the turning point as when they came back on the pitch they managed to turn it around and win 1-3 in Portugal. Man Utd were matched as high as 34 in play and the 1-3 Correct Score was matched @ 200. Quite a remarkable turn around but then again Man Utd have done this before more then a few times…

Chelsea also managed a last gasp victory over Shakhtar Donetsk. The Draw traded down to 1.03 on that one to cap off a remarkable night of Champions League football.


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