Manchester City, Better Then A Bank?

One of the main reasons that Manchester City were crowned champions last season was due to their home form. They had an almost perfect home record as they only dropped points in one match, which was a 3-3 draw against Sunderland. Their rivals Manchester United on the other hand failed to win 4 of their home matches which is what seems to have cost them in the end, with the 4-4 home draw against Everton particularly damaging.

In some data that has been featured in Issue 3 of The Trend Report, I found it interesting to learn that just backing Manchester City in every home match last season with the same stake every time would have produced a 30% Return On Investment. That is better then any bank would give you that is for sure!

Even backing Manchester United in every home match would have produced a profit of 6% ROI despite them failing to win 4 out of the 19 played.

It is often said that there is not much value in backing teams like City or United when they play at home as their average market price in home matches is around 1.30 yet the figures from last season prove otherwise.

Reading this was quite interesting for myself and I am not suggesting a strategy of backing Man City in every home match for next season but it is something worth noting if considering backing City or United at home in the future, since you might just be getting a good price after all!

Backing Manchester City in every home match would have produced a decent profit but there were two other teams that would have produced an even bigger profit, (+42% ROI & +57% ROI) then that and NEITHER finished in the top half of the table and I really do not think you could guess them!

Unfortunately I can not spill anymore of the beans from the latest Trend Report and you will have to find it out for yourself. You can read more details about how to get a copy here



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  1. thx oui arsenal ou tottenham 42%
    cette saison aussi PSG saison 12/13

    Mais ou peut on trouver les cotes des match svp ??


    1. Sports Trading Life says:


      Sorry I do not speak French.

  2. Daryl Doyle says:

    Similar lines laying Stoke City home opponents proved profitable. Only lost 4 home matches. Most importantly they did not lose to the big teams at home with Newcastle being the highest placed team to beat them. These matches are obvious big money results when laying.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Interesting Daryl, thanks for the comment.

      I have always been under the impression that Stoke raise their game at home when playing against the big teams, might take a closer look into that!

      1. Daryl Doyle says:

        Just to add a little to the Stoke commentary. Over the past 4 years neither Liverpool or Manchester City have beaten Stoke at home. If you take only City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool(leaving United out as they have beaten Stoke 3 of the 4 years)you have 16 matches for 5 wins, 8 draws and only 3 losses. Considering that I would imagine that on most of these occasions Stoke’s opponents would have been around the $2 mark this looks very profitable.
        In those 4 years they have only lost 4, 5 ,6 and 4 home matches of the 19 home matches played each year.

        1. Sports Trading Life says:

          Interesting stuff Daryl, you definitely confirmed a few things that I was wondering there.

  3. But or can one find the quotations of the match svp??

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