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Copa America: Handicapping

The Copa America results seem to be back on track now with all the favourites winning last night and Colombia also obliging on Sunday.

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If you had layed the odds-on favourite in every single match so far you will now only be slightly ahead and a more favourable strategy for these tournaments seems to be using the +1/1.5 Asian handicap. Colombia are the only odds on favourite to have beaten the handicap so far and as we get close to the business end of the tournament I can only see the matches being tighter and tighter.


Both Brazil (1.29) and Paraguay (1.63) look way too short going into these final group matches, however this is probably a reflection on the fact that both teams MUST win these matches.


Betting against Brazil isn’t something I would normally ever recommend but I might take on both teams with some sort of handicap.


Betfair actually offer 1.90 on Ecuador +1.5/+2.0. This means that you only lose if Brazil win by 2 goals or more. Seems like a good bet considering how the tournament has panned out so far.


As mentioned above, I will only be having a small bet on these matches. I personally never do well in these major tournaments but that is probably because I normally back the favourites rather then oppose them! So we will see how this pans out!


If you are looking for an overall winner of the tournament then Argentina @ 2.40 is looking quite hard to ignore! I just don’t think anyone can beat them, not even Brazil. But then again this is football….


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  1. Pete (Omegabetting.co.uk) says:

    You say these are must win matches, although a draw for either team or both would be enough for them to qualify. The only team who must win tonight is Equador, and I do rate the chances of that slimly. If I’m honest I expect low scoreing bore draws in both games.

  2. Ah thats interesting. The permutations are confusing me slightly but if anything, what you have said makes the handicap bet sound even better.

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