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UFT Announcement #3 – [NEW] The Pro Sheet

Welcome to BIG announcement number 2 regarding Ultimate Football Trading, if you missed the previous announcements then you can check the first one here and the second one here.

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One of the most well received things about the Ultimate Football Trading course has been the custom designed spreadsheets that I give to all members to track their trades.

Record keeping is absolutely crucial if you want to do this seriously and it amazes me when people choose not to use them.

You can learn your own strengths and weaknesses by looking at your own data and it also helps hugely with discipline since you are holding yourself accountable for your mistakes.

I see a pattern where those who use them tend to improve and those who don’t use them often end up complaining and wondering why they aren’t successful.

Anyway, with more and more UFT members now hitting that “pro” level with their trading some have spoken to me about getting their own sheets done to track their trading.

And so after seeing one of the sheets a member had created I did realise we need to introduce something new.

So from this Friday November 6, UFT members will be able to download the new “PRO” spreadsheet.

The original spreadsheets will still be available to download but for those who now understand all the strategies and are using multiple strategies per match this new sheet will make a lot more sense.

I put together a video demonstrating it here so you can get a better idea of what I am rambling on about.

If you are interested in joining UFT, you can get on the waiting list here:


Make sure you submit an email address you check regularly.


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