Why Do Betting Tipsters Charge For Their Tips?

tipster 1The world of betting tipsters is certainly quite a murky one. It is hard to tell the genuine good quality tipsters from those who are just out to make a quick buck. Then there is the common question that many ask about tipsters in that, if there tips were so good then why would they want to sell them and not just keep the money for themselves?

Running this site has given me the opportunity to meet a fair few tipsters (and good ones at that). So I certainly feel that I know a few reasons why some actually become tipsters and start services where they charge for their tips.

They Want To Make Extra Money

It is true that many tipsters want to make extra money by selling their tips but that does not mean there is anything wrong with that. As mentioned above, the old adage “Well, if they were making money from their own tips then they wouldn’t need to charge and could just get rich on their own” is something many sceptics will say but it is not totally true.

Many profitable tipsters want to make extra money from selling their tips simply because they do not currently have the bankroll to gamble professionally.

I know a well known football tipster who has been going for about 8 seasons at time of writing and averages a 6-10% ROI per season. I do not know what his bank size is but lets be generous and say that he has a bank of £100,000 to bet with each season. This would mean that on his best season of making a 10% ROI he would have made £10,000 take home profit. (And this really is a best case scenario we are looking at!)

This is a nice amount to make as a supplement to your main income but not something you could ever live off and this is with a £100k bank. So by selling his profitable tips for about £100 per season he could easily double that figure if he got 100 people on board.

You could argue that by selling his tips he does not have to place a bet himself but he will still have to produce profitable results over the long term for people to remain subscribed. I am told the average lifespan of a new subscriber is 3 months which shows how many gamblers have a short time mindset.
So there you have an example of why a profitable tipster would consider selling his tips. Especially in a sport like football which is not likely to have its prices impacted by small syndicates.

It Covers Admin Work

Tipsters often charge for their tips simply because it can cover the time it takes them to organise everything. Setting up a website, answering email, researching and sending out the tips to a deadline all take time and dedication. This could take an extra few hours out of the week for a tipster and by charging for the service they are making it more worth their time.
I know of a well known tipster who was good with horses and ran a blog giving away his tips for free. The tips were very profitable but after a while he decided that maintaining the blog was becoming too time consuming for him. So he tried to quit but did not know his following was so big and were devastated. So much so, that many told him they would pay him monthly for the tips to be sent by email. He reluctantly agreed and from there his own tipster service was born.

Maximising Profits

The problem with gambling is that even when you have an edge you have no idea how long it will last. Like above, those who want to maximise their profits will consider selling their tips and making hay whilst the sun shines. Being a profitable tipster is a talent and if you had a talent and was told that you could double your income

There is nothing wrong with this, eventually if you are putting out losing tips then you will lose subscribers. As said above, it can take a substantially huge bankroll to be able to make the equivalent of a full time living from betting and so many will take advantage of their profitable tips by sharing them for a fee and making extra money.

That being said…

It is important to understand that probably only about 1 tipster out of 10 is a genuine profitable one. Therefore, you do need to be careful when picking one to sign up for. There are some tipsters who are not very good and are just crooks out to con you out of your money. Do your research and due diligence before signing up to any tipster service.

We recently did a great interview with a retired tipster that provided a good insight into this world, check it out here!


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  1. Hi. Nice article. Could you ease tell me which questions should I ask to a tipsters in order to know if it is reliable and profitable?

  2. TraderDez says:

    If his ROI is 6-10% then that is the amount obtained per rollover of his bank. He could rollover £100,000 quite easily over a month and make £6,000-10,000 in that time. Not sure saying £10k a year is accurate.

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