Positivity Rules!

Just a quick one today as the half term week has been very distracting from a trading point of view but normal business will be resumed from next week.

I just want to briefly touch on the subject of being “positive” after receiving an email from Ian Erskine where he mentioned the fact that “Gamblers are negative“. I can certainly see where he is coming from.

Some people take this game up with a negative mindset from the offset and with that you will simply never get anywhere. Most have this inbuilt belief that you can never win from gambling, that all strategies don’t work and that all tipsters are scammers. With that type of mindset you simply wont get anywhere as you are subconsciously hoping to lose just to prove yourself right.

When I look at the people I personally know  who are successful at what they do, if its trading or in the business world, something I often notice is the fact they ALL have positive attitudes to everything they do in life.

It is no coincidence, and a little bit of positivity can go a long long way.

It actually takes the same amount of effort to be positive then it does to be negative. Yet for some people it feels much easier to be negative.

Whatever you do this weekend, go into it with a positive attitude and you might end up pleasantly surprised at the eventual outcome!  😉


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  1. “Some people take this game up with a negative mindset from the offset and with that you will simply never get anywhere”

    Never a truer word spoken. I can’t count the times that I’ve heard people say (when going to a casino for example) ‘I’ve got $50 in my pocket and when that’s gone that’s it.’ Huh?? If you go there expecting to lose all your dough then there’s no hope.

    I’ve added your site to my blogroll as I’ve read a couple of interesting articles already and I only found your site today. I took part in a couple of the long standing threads where a bunch of us (KMA included) tried to solve Slicer’s bet (re: your Must Read posts). My brain nearly melted trying to figure it out. Was interesting to see the fallout afterwards as you alluded to in your post on the subject.

    Anyway, a good read…keep up the good work,


  2. Sports Trading Life says:

    Hey Swearbox,

    Yeah the slicer bet is one that messed with my brain for a while too.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. ..I forgot to ask…would you mind adding a link to my blog in your blogroll?


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