Queens Club Double Gubbings

Queens-ClubThe Queens club is surprisingly becoming one of my favourite tournaments to trade every year.

Firstly, I like the scenery as there are not many tennis tournaments that happen in my home town of London, apart from the obvious one anyway. I also like the fact the matches start at midday which means I do not have to be up early (or late) for it like with some.

However, mainly I enjoy the fact it is such an open tournament or at least that is how it feels. It comes on the back of The French Open and is so close to Wimbledon that you can be sure the hot favourites will not be killing themselves to win it yet the markets still have certain players start as much stronger favourites then they should be. It certainly feels like this a tournament where anyone can beat anyone, or at least come close to it.

I traded some terrific matches yesterday but the main highlight was the evening match between Dimitrov and Sela.

There was moment in this match where Dimitrov has been as low as 1.02 and then Sela went as low as 1.06 when serving to win the match however the match ended up going to a tie breaker in the final set.

In the end Dimitrov was the victor after trading as high as 15.5. This was some relief to those who had backed him as low as 1.02. Unfortunately, there was no hope for those who backed Sela as low as 1.06 when he was 2 points from victory. Tennis can be a harsh sport to trade if you are a low priced backer, if you are a low priced layer (like me) then its very very fun.

Roll on the rest of Queens Club!





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