Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software: Any Good?

bonus bagging arbitrage software reviewMike Cruickshank of Bonus Bagging fame is back to talk to us once again and this time he wants to talk Sports Arbitrage. This is a risk free way of making guaranteed profits from the pre-event markets.

I did dabble within Arbitrage in my early days and sports trading is effectively arbitraging the markets so I thought this would be a great chance for readers to find out more about the world of arbing.

I caught up with Mike for a quick chat about his Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software

Hi Mike, Always good to catch up. I am constantly getting people telling me how much they love your bonus bagging service and now I understand you have something new to show us?

Yes we have an arbitrage software product.

For anyone who is unaware of how it works.. With Arbitrage betting, you place bets on both teams but with two different bookmakers which have odds out of sync. This way you will win a guaranteed profit regardless of which team wins! A sporting arbitrage simply arises from different bookies’ opinions about the odds of a sporting event. No bookies bonuses are required!

Our software automatically finds these bets for you which is good as it ends up saving hours of trawling through bookies sites manually. Also, if you did search manually you would probably be too slow to react once you checked if it was an actual arb.

These days the only way to make money arbing is with software. It is impossible to do manually now.

 Using your software, how many arbs usually show up per day and what sort of profits can be secured?

The Average arb is 7% profit. So, on £100 staked this would be £7 profit but remember this is risk free and most bookies can take much bigger bets. Also, the software shows up to 500 per day.

 Really? What is the biggest arb you have found so far?

Using our profit-maximiser method arbs up to 30% are achievable. These don’t happen everyday and require some patience to implement.

 What sort of monthly income is realistically achievable and what sort of bank or money float would be needed?

 It’s hard to give an exact figure but I will do my best.

 I would say a £500 minimum bank is required if you want to make anything worth while. That will make you roughly £20 per day, which is £600 per month tax-free profit.

 That figure is easily achievable in 30 – 40 minutes per day. The more work you put in and the bigger bank you play will mean bigger profits at the end of the month.

 Can this activity flag up your account or cause any problems?

 Yes not all bookies like arbing, usually the smaller ones. However most of the bets win on Betfair so the bookies aren’t that bothered.

 As a general rule of thumb, if you lose more funds than you deposit with the bookies your accounts are fine.

 So what is the current special offer that you are doing on this?

 We are offering 1 years unlimited access to the software, including video & PDF training with unlimited support for £97 + VAT. That is the equivalent of £8 per month which can easily be made back in 1-2 arbs right away so the software can pay for itself every month. 

Also, if you have any doubts about it then I have a guarantee that you can get a refund within 30 days if you have not many any money with it.

 You can try Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software here!



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  1. Hi,

    Hmmm,cannot see anywhere on how many bookie accounts are required,and if any you have are not used for awhile,you may be asked to close them,I know as I had to close one down,or be charged for not using it.

    There must be a downside,getting the bets on before the odds change must be one….

    What do others think?



    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes that can be a pitfall but Mike does give you tips to help show you how to get on quickly enough. I will also do an article with tips too.

  2. I have found and I think this is quite a common theory that arbing is for the short term, because eventually you will get shut down. The reason why? bookies hate winners.

    I am not sure how this is the case most of the bets win on Betfair . Personally I feel that Betfair prices are the most realistic so anything over these prices must be seen as greater value so would win more in the long term.

    So arbing is not for me, but it does work, depends for how long you can manage until your accounts are shut down. Doesn’t take much to see that all your bets are on odds that are higher than at the exchanges.

  3. Hi

    As Simon says can any further clarification be given on how most of the bets Mike gives are won on betfair?

    For example I recently opened an account with Marathon and arbed a couple of over/under 1st set total game bets with two bookies and my account was limited quite quickly.

    I’ve also seen this with some of the other more prominent bookmakers, so would be very interested on how most of the bets can be won on betfair and not the bookies.

    Are you able to provide any examples before having to pay the £97?


    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Mark,

      Mike actually has a case study that he might show you where he shows how he locked in £140 within less then 2 hours. If you contact him I am sure he can clarify.

      With regards to bets losing on Betfair, I don’t think he means you can guarantee this happening but if it does happen then your accounts won’t get limited.

      With regards to having your accounts limited, personally I don’t have a problem with it since I am not likely to be doing regular betting with these books and there are always new ones popping up all the time.

  4. I have heard the term “limited” many times on various sites. What do the sites actually do when they limit you?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Mitche,

      Limited just means that they will not allow you big amounts on future bets. I have had this happen to me at some bookies but this was after about a year of abusing their offers. If you win with any bookmakers they will limit your account, but we are in the game to win after all so I won’t miss a bookie account if they limit me, plenty more..

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