Germany In 1000-1 Draw Shocker!

Who said International breaks were boring??

There was some quite insane in-play action last night and more then a few crazy prices were available if you like a long shot.

Germany 4-4 Sweden

The most spectacular of all was, arguably, Germany’s failure to hold on to a 4-0 lead when playing at home with less then 30 minutes left to play.

With Germany 4-0 up, they were trading @ 1.01 and the draw was looking pretty comfortable sat at 1000 for those who fancied laying it in order to “buy” some money.

Well, we all know what happened next and the final score of 4-4 would have made a lot of money for the layers. If you had Germany in an accumulator you wouldnt be laughing but then again, we all know what happens when you regularly punt on accumulators dont we?

Spain 1-1 France

Spain had not failed to win a qualification match since 2007 and with them 1-0 up and just seconds left on the clock you would have expected they had clocked up yet another victory.

However, one goal was only the difference and in football anything can happen.

France equalised with virtually the last kick of the ball after Spain had traded as low as 1.01 and The Draw traded as high as 80. As you can see £31k was traded @ 1.01 in this one.

Not sure I would want to be backing @ 1.01 when the difference is only the single goal, perhaps I might do that if the difference was 4 goals, oh wait….

 Serbia U21 0-1 England U21

The early evening match was on in the background on ESPN and not much was happening in it for me to be interested.

That was until injury time set in and with Serbia needing a goal to stay in the tournament they were going hell for leather to get it. I had a quick lay of the Correct Score as injury time approached and then topped up my lay @ 1.05 when Serbia had a free kick going into the box with the goalkeeper and every other player in the box. This left an open goal at the other end which made you feel that there would likely be goal at either end result.

In the end the free kick was cleared and England walked the ball into an empty net. The 0-0 scoreline actually traded as low as 1.03 in this one.

 Portugal 1-1 Northern Ireland

The biggest starting price to be turned over was Portugal who were trading @ 1.07 BEFORE kick off to beat Northern Ireland but slumped to a 1-1 “defeat” after a very poor performance. The draw was matched as high as 17.5 in this one.

After nights like this you might start to feel that you have seen it all when it comes to in-play betting!



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  1. ‘we all know what happens when you regularly punt on accumulators dont we?’

    Hi Ben, can you please enlighten me, as I clearly missed your advice on this. Although, I never place accumulators, I do know a few friends that do… Am I missing out on something here?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Zak,

      Was a bit of a throwaway comment really. Just based on the fact that usually when you place an accumulator there is always ONE that seems to let you down.

      Also,Its widely known that betting on accumulators is much harder to profit from in the long term. You wont find many professionals that encourage accumulator betting that is for sure!

      1. Thanks Ben. That’s exactly why I don’t place accumulators 😉

        Although, I do wish I had done last Monday when jockey R Hughes won seven horse races on the same race card at Windsor!

        The return was something like 10,400/1. WOW! #very rare occurrence.

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