Matt Chapman: “Betting In Running On Betfair? Give Up!”

There has been much talk on this very website about the “courtsiders” who trade on Betfair live at the event in order to gain an advantage over other punters who bet in running. As we all know, just a 1 second advantage can be crucial in these markets!

So I was slightly amused to see that Sky’s At The Races channel gave it a mention yesterday during their coverage when they noticed a number of “tracksiders”. Matt Chapman advising that if you are betting in-running at home then “Give up, you got no chance!”. Whether that is true or not is another debate for another day!

Here is the video below brought to us by Mets Trading Diary. A short but very interesting watch!



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  1. Very interesting. Would like to know if they lose some time though due to poor/slow internet connection…I imagine they are connecting by 3G or a Dongle which would likely erode some of the advantage of being trackside.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      I was wondering the same thing Michael. I have been at football matches and tried to trade via my phone but the connection was painfully slow, but I guess they must be making money from it if they are always there doing it!

  2. Some tracksiders simply use a mobile phone to someone sat at home with a fast connection, I often hear people shouting “lay number XX” into their phones. I know my pictures from ATR and via Virgin Cable are about five seconds behind live so they do have time to do this but the pictures from Betfair Website are faster and may be eroding the tracksiders advantage.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Interesting Baz, I guess the person at the other end would have to be pretty quick too.

  3. intersteing…

    btw sport trading life contact page doesn’t work. How should i contact you guys?

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      thanks for pointing that out George, I wonder how long its been broken. Its fixed now.

  4. Slightly tenuous link but related in the sense of trying to beat the market/the market beating you…just heard bookies have closed the book on the young PFA Player of the Year award after receiving several lumpy bets on Kyle Walker. He started at 33-1 before steaming into 5-6 before the book was closed…you have touched on these sort of markets before (e.g. next manager markets)…as you correctly said, you shouldn’t get involved in these markets as it is all driven by insider knowledge which is obviously the case here to explain Walker’s odds being hammered in so much. Tracksiders and insiders – if you can’t beat them…

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