Are Sports Trading Courses Worth It?

If you are new to Sports Trading then it can all seem quite overwhelming at first. So you might often see some adverts online for courses, seminars and workshops that will help you along with it all.

So the next thing most will ask is, are sports trading courses worth it?

Or are they “scams”??

Naturally, you often get a lot of people who are skeptical about these sorts of courses. The silly argument about “Why would they teach others to learn when they could just be making money themselves” really is a silly argument. The fact is that these days you are only limited in the amount you can really make on Betfair (£250k) and also people who trade full time, like myself, enjoy doing other things away from the trading screen. I wouldn’t write this blog otherwise!

Variety is the spice of life as they say!

So, would going to one of these courses be right for you? It really depends on your expectations to be fair.

If you are just starting out in the world of Sports Trading then going to one of these workshops could be just what you need. You will certainly learn an incredible amount in a short space of time which makes it fully worth the money. I only wish there were courses around when I first started out as you can fast track past all the silly mistakes and trial and error with all the educational material around today.

If you are expecting that you could go on one of these courses and you will walk out the next day as a professional trader earning 4 figures a week then you are simply expecting too much. Sadly, thats what many people seem to be expecting these days. I was reading some forums recently which had a lot of the usual cynical people who said they had been on these courses and still couldn’t trade.

Well, the reality is that the course on its own wont turn you into a professional, you actually have to do some work yourself to get there. If you are willing to work hard at anything then I guarantee that you will make it in some form or another but you simply cant expect a one day course to turn you into a world beater.

Also, don’t expect any ground breaking secrets either. These courses will teach you how to trade but if you are expecting some sort of holy grail strategy that will allow you to win every trade you do then yet again you have the wrong expectations.

So, in my view, if you do want to learn about Sports Trading then a one day course or workshop can be just what you need. Just make sure that you are willing to put in the work in the coming months after otherwise you will end up the same way as most others who sit on the Internet claiming how “it doesn’t work” or “its all a scam”.

Do make sure that you research the course you are planning to attend firstly to ensure you will actually be getting some good out of it. I am not saying there are no scams out there but thankfully the true scams are few and far between.


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