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How To Trade Correct Score Market For Beginners [FULL VIDEO]

The Correct Score Market on Betfair is one of the trickiest but most lucrative markets to trade. When you are new to trading Correct Scores the prices can seem confusing and totally random but this video should help explain everything.

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This video is full training for those who are beginners to this market and in this video you will discover:

  • How The Correct Score Market Moves
  • What the main price influences are
  • How To Predict Price Movement Before And After Goals
  • The THREE Best Ways To Trade Correct Scores
  • Live Trading Demonstrations
  • Why What You Believe About Trading This Market Is Probably Wrong
  • And much more…

And once you make it to the end of the video you should download this correct score trading cheat sheet so you can learn the markets for yourself:

Freebie link: https://sportstradinglife.com/correctscoreguide


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  1. Hi really in joy your videos of sport trading you do,wondered if you ever tried t work out the DR Slicer system cheers phil

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