How To Find A Betfair Trading Strategy That Works

betfair strategy that worksSomething that many people search for on Google seems to be “A BETFAIR TRADING STRATEGY THAT WORKS”.

I do chuckle when I read this as I am not sure how exactly you can define, “works”.

My view being that all strategies “work” in that a strategy is just a plan of action. Sometimes it will have a positive result and sometimes it will have a negative result. I have never heard of a Betfair trading method that “works” 100% of the time but perhaps this is what these people are looking for?

I am not being totally ignorant though and I do think (or hope) that these people are simply searching for a strategy that is profitable in the long term. However, I can not help but think they are searching for a “push button, holy grail” type strategy that does not require much thought to it.

I have actually had emails from people asking for an easy strategy that will guarantee them about £30-40 per day. The fact that they are “only” asking for £30-40 per day seemingly meaning that it should be easy to achieve but Betfair is not like that. If you can find a way of making an “easy” £30-40 per day then there is not much stopping you from scaling up to making £3000-4000 per day unless the liquidity is not there.

The truth is Betfair trading is not easy but the rewards can be fully worth it at the end of it.

So I hate to break it to some of you…

There is no strategy that works 100% of the time and no “easy” way of making money. What you get out is what you put in and you need to do some hard work in order to get profitable. Learn the markets, follow the sport and test strategies till you are blue in the face, the end results are fully worth it!


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