Another Day, Another Gubbing….

The gubbings continued in the Paris masters with Andy Murray the latest victim to be turned over after trading @ 1.01.

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As mentioned after Djokovic was beaten @ 1.01, this tournament is not one that the big players are completely in favour of with the London tournament being so close to it. If you reach the final in Paris, you might be expected to get up on and play on the Monday or Tuesday in London at the o2.

So, once again, it wasnt the biggest surprise in the world to see Andy Murray exit the tournament but if you were one of the people who backed him at odds lower then 1.10 then you might be a little miffed. Just over £5 million was matched from odds lower then 1.10 and over £300k was matched @ 1.01. Andy Murray did have match point and failed to convert but he was already trading @ 1.01 long before that point.

Take nothing away from Janowicz, beating Andy Murray at any time of the year from match point down is quite some feat!



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