Trading Formula 1: Anything Can Happen

Formula 1 is an interesting sport to trade and is full of plenty of opportunities if you know what you are doing.

As with most sports, my view is always that when a player trades below 1.10 with over half of the event still left to play then that is a great time to lay them. With so much time left to play out then there is a good chance they will trade higher before the end since anything can happen in sport.

In some cases they wont just trade higher but they could go on to lose completely as we saw on Sunday!

Euro GP Mayhem

Those who backed Vettel in the European Grand Prix and did not trade out must have been a little miffed after yesterdays events.

Vettel started the race @ 1.90 and cruised into an early lead and appeared to be cruising home for victory according to the markets where he was backed as low as 1.10 with two-thirds of the race still to play.

Formula 1 is the type of sport where anything can happen and it does not take much for a market panic to cause that 1.10 to trade as much as 40-50 ticks higher.

However, not many would have been prepared for what actually did happen as Vettel’s car failed and he came to a complete halt with about 20 laps left.

Fernando Alonso, who had traded as high as 300 during the race, went on to take the win in an amazing race. A race which also saw Lewis Hamilton trade as low as 1.02 for a podium finish before his car crashed in the final lap!

It just goes to show that it pays much better to be a Layer then a backer at those low odds with so much of the race still left to play.

Anything can happen and in this case it actually did…


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