Danny F – Zero To Four Figures Per Month Sports Trading PART TIME!

In this week’s Trader Talk, I speak with Danny Fogg who has been an Ultimate Football Trading member for 2 years and now pulls in a nice 4 figures per month from his sports trading in just his part time.

So I caught up with Danny to learn more about his journey to profitability, multiple streams of income, mentality and greyhounds!

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or a nice cold beer and enjoy!

Hey Danny. Many thanks for sitting down for this interview for the Sports Trading Life readers. 

Today you pull in £1200 per month from your sports trading in your part time which is very nice for a side income! How long were you trading for before you got to a profitable point?

So I have been trading for about 5 years now, initially I used the exchange for the better prices on offer for betting purposes. I had never really heard of trading.

It wasn’t until I came across Caan Berry that I really then started to understand exactly what trading was and how it worked. I tried for about a year and half with various small banks to trade horse racing myself, I had small success but long term I lost money. 

Then 2 years ago that I came across Ultimate Football Trading and it all started to become a success for me. I invested a lot in myself with that and Caan Berry’s courses, and I started to make a small amount each month consistently which grew from there. 

I believe the main reason for this was because I started to understand the systems in place and the reasons behind why the markets move the way they do.

Do you feel you made any mistakes along the way that held you back?

I have made plenty of mistakes along the way.

I even make mistakes now, I am only human after all.  However the mistakes I make now aren’t detrimental to my trading bank. The main mistakes I made earlier in my career was over-staking on things such as under 2.5 goal markets at low prices such as 1.34 and trying to drip lay my stake out the market. I recommend to only do this when the game is slow and dead and more importantly you are watching it. But definitely not to overstake thinking you’ll easily get your money out as it never works as easy as that, I learnt that the hard way.

The main turning point for me was when I stepped away from the game for a few months and worked on my mental attitude towards trading. 

So you do sports trading in your part time as one your many income streams? I guess it is an enjoyable lifestyle side business for you?

Definitely. These days I dedicate around 12-15 hours a week to trading but I also run a bot whilst I am away from the computer. This works for me on my greyhound strategy.

I enjoy trading in general, not just sports trading but the forex markets as well!

I guess I just enjoy the statistics and analysis side of things along with the pre-game research, which I feel is important to what I do. However, when entering a game it is best to watch it with a clean slate and judge the game how you see it rather than totally judging it on the pre-game stats. 

But overall, I have to say that sports trading has enabled me to invest in myself further in many different ways. I am very much a firm believer of bettering myself as an individual and improving my life, you cannot invest in anything better than investing in yourself.

 I do work full time however I have the capability to trade whilst at my desk when I am not too busy which is great flexibility for me. Trading is something I enjoy doing without the added pressure of knowing I rely on it, works much better for myself that way. Although I am sure in the future my profits will increase which will allow myself further flexibility and additional opportunities. 

Sports Trading has also allowed me to start a couple of small businesses which are extra streams of income.

Around which point in this journey did you join Ultimate Football Trading?

I joined after 3 years of trading.

It wasn’t until this point my trading became more structured and I realised how to utilise the market properly and make consistent profits using various different strategies when the opportunity arose. Ultimate Football Trading has also enabled me to meet some great people in the forums and it is great to see such a passionate community of people all wanting to better their trading.

It is a great start for anyone who is wanting to seriously make consistent profits sports trading. I wish I had found it sooner! The detail in which the videos are made and the content is fantastic, especially the case studies which help develop the understanding of how the markets move and why. A true necessity for any newbie trader in my opinion. 

Glad it helped you mate! So you trade football but also horse racing and greyhounds. I have never looked at greyhounds myself, tell us more about this side of things.

Yes so I have traded horse racing profitably since investing in Caan Berry’s courses. I trade pre-race but also in play. I have always been into Horse Racing and I am still a successful bettor in the game alongside trading. I feel this gives me an additional advantage when trading in play as you get to know certain horses traits that run consistently as well as living in a racing community you gain additional knowledge to help your trading.

However, when trading horse racing you have to take the mindset differently and try not to overthink what you already know about the race itself. Difficult to explain as the additional information I have is helpful but at the same time it can be too much information if that makes sense. 

I can understand that. Sometimes being too close to a sport can stop you thinking objectively. I do well on tennis myself mainly because I don’t know the players that well and just judge them as I see them during the match.

So you also do greyhounds and run a new service, how is that going?

In regards to the Greyhounds there is statistical information out there that can work for you, it is just finding it and developing a way of making it profitable for you. I wouldn’t necessarily call it trading, as there is not great liquidity in the markets. I am sure it can be done but it doesn’t take a great deal of money to shift those markets. 

And so the greyhound service is something I have been working on for a while now, I wanted to give something back and let people in on my profitable system. A good friend of mine initially brought it to my attention and we have developed something which we have tested over a sustained period of time. We have a number of successful strategies that aren’t liquidity dependent and advise anyone who wants to know further info to check us out at www.greyhoundsystem.co.uk. 

We operate it using a bot system which enables us to make profits without being on Betfair, a very lucrative system added to the armoury and I encourage anyone to check us out. 

How is the cricket trading going?

When trading cricket I have to trade on a 2020 game as the action is fast and I enjoy watching it. Not only this but the movement in the markets mean you can get in and out pretty quickly. I entered the trade during England’s innings, they seemed to be going relatively okay without setting the world alight shall we say.

The Windies were getting wickets at crucial times to upset the partnerships, however the powerplay was still to come and England had some big hitters down the order. As England went to 32-4 I placed a trade around the 2.5 mark, as Joe Root was playing it round nicely and I knew Sam Billing was capable of some big shots.

They both played very well and were running the Windies all over the place. I managed to get out 25% of my stake and kept 75% in the market expecting further runs. Root unfortunately got out just when England were starting to take total control.

This didn’t deter Billing as he continued to smash the ball about the park, putting England in a handy position with the Windies having to chase 183 to win. They were nothing short of a disaster I had traded out for my profits when England obtained a few early wickets showing total control. A perfectly executed trade and one I was very pleased with. 

From talking beforehand you are quite big on the importance of having the right mentality. What are some common mistakes you made and that you see others make?

Mentality is a huge thing for me, I invested heavily into reading about mentality in general not just in sports trading. In the world we currently are living in it is very important to continually looking after yourself mentally and many others underestimate this.

We will all have losing trades and get things wrong, we will all have bad days but it is about how we react to losing trades that is important, developing a way to combat the frustrations and to not let it affect the next trade you make. 

For me, fitness is key to keeping a sound mind, taking that time to get those endorphins flowing and clearing my head. If I am having a difficult day I take myself away for a while. If I have a bad trade during a session I will go into the garden or do some jobs to keep my mind busy for an hour or so, just to allow myself the time to not over react to a losing trade and maintain a level head when I return to the desk. 

This is by far the best advice I can give to any beginner, learn about yourself, invest in your mentality and find ways to react positively and stay level headed when trading. 

Very good advice, hopefully some actually take it on board. So, this is always a fun question, what has been your most memorable football match to trade?

My most memorable football match will have been Sporting Lisbon away to Vorskla back in 2018.

Not my biggest or best trade however one of huge significance to me. Was one of the first times using a UFT strategy. I checked the in game stats as it wasn’t a game I was watching. I could see Vorskla were winning 1-0 from early on in the first half. It was nearing the end of the game and Sporting had missed numerous opportunities and had several shots on goal.

They were pushing for a late goal so I laid Vorskla at low odds, Within minutes Sporting equalised and they had the upper hand now, I then laid the draw and low and behold Sporting scored the winner 3 minutes later into added time. The elation of this was enough for me not to sleep, definitely one of the most rewarding strategies when it comes off. 

I love it mate. I can imagine how good that felt when it happened for the first time. I guess it also gave you belief and confidence regarding the whole thing.

So that was your most memorable moment, what was your lowest point as a sports trader?

Worst day as a trader would have been 4 years ago now, my head wasn’t in it at this time and I made mistakes because of that.

My worst day trading I managed to lose around 2k, looking back now this was a substantial amount to lose when my monthly profits average around 1200. I got into the chasing mindset that day and it is a downward spiral from there.

Now if I have a bad day I minimise the losses by walking away and starting again. I look at it as money borrowed, I am profitable long term and the money I am using to trade is profit in itself. You have to look at it long term, and even a £10 profitable day is £10 more than you had at the start of the day. Doesn’t seem much but over a year this can add up. Imagine you trade 4 days a week for a year at £10 profit a day- that is an additional £2080 tax free cash in your back pocket. Money transfers from the hands of the impatient to the patient. A new day brings new challenges and I thrive to educate myself further each and everyday so that I never have a losing day like that again, but I am not naive enough to believe losing days don’t happen because they do. It is how you react to them that is important. 

The key point behind trading is having the correct mindset. You are your own worst enemy, I fully believe that anyone can be capable of learning the markets and how to react to them and when.

The information is out there from the likes of the UFT platform, the strategies are superb and anyone can execute these I believe. However not everyone can make profit from it consistently as they turn losing trades into gambles hoping they will turn around rather than accepting the loss and moving onto the next game/trade. Learn about yourself, teach yourself to accept failure and don’t make the naive mistake I did at the beginning and expect it to be all plain sailing because it isn’t. The more you learn about your own mindset the easier the experience of the markets and trading is.

If anything it made me who I am today, learning more about maintaining the right mentality. 

Finally, if you were just starting out today what advice would you give yourself?

If I was starting out today, I would advise myself to learn more about the markets and how and why they move the way they do, rather than jumping into it with no idea what I am doing or why I end up losing money initially.

Yes it can be trial and error but investing in strategies and learning how to take advantage of the markets and when to do so is vitally important to your arsenal. I would advise to learn about yourself and to maintain a positive attitude to trading whilst keeping my feet on the ground and not getting carried away.

The markets can be very dangerous to newbies as there are plenty of hungry sharks out there who will happily sweep up your money to their advantage. It’s a big pond and we are only a drop in the ocean to begin with. Work your way up that food chain, make some friends in the game and learn.

Awesome! So if anyone reading wants to reach out to you where can they find you?

I am very active on social media and always still learning. If anyone requires any additional information regarding trading or any advice I am more than happy to help. I really enjoy hearing peoples successes in trading. 

You can find me:

instagram @dfogg07 

twitter @dannyfogg8 


Many thanks for taking the time!

Disclaimer Notice: Any services or products mentioned in these interviews and similar guest articles are not necessarily endorsed by Sports Trading Life. Always do your own research and due diligence before making a purchase.


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