/ / Profit Multiplication In Football Trading [£168 to £314 Example]

Profit Multiplication In Football Trading [£168 to £314 Example]

It has been an interesting week working with the Ultimate Football Trading beta testers. It is great to see that most have gained a basic understanding of executing the methods according to the rules. But something I have been actively encouraging and that is trickier to teach than usual strategies is something called… Profit Multiplication.

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This involves leveraging your profits (i.e your green screen) to potentially make 2x, 3x or more profits. This is usually done by taking advantage of opportunities that crop up late on in the match and is the real beauty of in-play football trading.

Watch the video to see some live trading examples of the sort of opportunities I am talking about and see how we managed to bag £314 profit from the Watford-Swansea match by leveraging our earlier profits.

(Disclaimer: For privacy reasons we can not show the earlier strategies that created the green screen since they are from the course itself)


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  1. Excellent video very informative

  2. Great video and i am looking forward to when this course is released.

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Thanks, more details up very soon!

    1. Sports Trading Life says:

      Hi Paul,

      The course is set to open in January 2018 and is called Ultimate Football Trading.

      More info to come 😉

  3. Kevin Owen says:

    very interested in the course

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