Why 2-Way Markets Are The Best On Betfair

betfair marketsThe best in-play trading opportunities on Betfair usually come in the 2-way markets more then anything. These are the markets where there are only 2 possible outcomes. This is usually sports such as Tennis, Darts, Basketball, NFL and T20 Cricket that are the most liquid 2-way markets. If you are new to this then you might wonder just what makes 2 way markets so good to trade, even for newbies, and I will explain this here.

 Easy To Understand

A 2-way market is easy to understand since you, literally, only need to keep your eye on 2 teams/players. If one outcome is steaming this means the other one is going to be drifting which can make trading pretty simple. This is when compared to Horse Racing or Football, especially the Correct Score market, where you have to keep your eye on multiple outcomes at once. This can be quite overwhelming for even the more experienced traders but just having 2 runners keeps it nice and simple.

 Big Swings

The 2-way markets seem prone to having the biggest market swings. Since these markets do not have a “draw” involved then it can mean that if one player is not playing well that price will swing outwards and the other price will swing inwards. This can happen multiple times during the match depending on how it is unfolding. In the late stages of a contest these swings can be complete yo-yos as you can easily have situations where one player is about to win only for the opposite player to get infront. 3 set tennis matches are great for this!

 Low Risk Opportunities

Since the swings can be so big this is what can easily create low risk opportunities. If an outcome is trading sub 1.10 with plenty of time left on the clock then it is very common to see that price rise higher. You will see plenty of 1.01 shots turned over on these markets and, even more common, you will see outcomes hit 1.01 and then still trade higher during the match. A lay @ 1.01 with £1000 is a risk of £10, if that price then trades back higher to 1.20 you could have £200 of green sitting on that outcome to play with. This is a hypothetical example but if you watch the 2-way markets closely you will see things like this happening all the time.

Easily the best 2-way market for opportunities and liquidity exists in the Tennis markets. If you are not yet familiar with how to trade tennis then be sure to check out Total Tennis Trading.


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