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Dynamic Tennis Trading

Still haven’t quite cracked Tennis Trading yet?

Wondering how the tennis professionals REALLY make those big profits?

Expert Tennis Trader Peter Scott offers you a unique insight into just how to trade the tennis markets on Betfair.

This is not the usual systems and strategies style package… This is BETTER then that!

This package will teach you how to sit down and trade virtually any tennis match that is in-play. No painstaking research beforehand, no need to keep up on recent player form or learn all the players names, just sit.. and go!

This is a crash course and a mentoring package rolled into one. Peter will show you that when trading tennis you have to be dynamical rather then mechanical since, in Peter’s own words, “every trade is different“.

This means you will discover the how and why of when Peter will enter the market, the who and what to look for when trading tennis and the package goes into incredible detail to outline and explain the thought process behind every trade on a point by point basis.

There is simply no other tennis trading guide that goes into as much detail as this one!

“Never quite understood how to trade tennis before despite trying but after reading the whole package in one day I now feel I have seen the light, thanks!”

Beta Tester Shaun, Nottingham

Every Green Screen Explained!

What sets this package apart from others on the market is the huge amount of detail that you get in the real life examples. There are OVER 30 Real Trading Examples included with screenshots and commentary. The commentary is provided on a move by move basis and Peter gives his reasoning and thinking behind every move.

This will allow you to really get into the mind of a professional trader and help to understand just what you should be looking for when trying to learn how to trade tennis.

By the way, these examples include both winning and losing examples so you can see exactly how and why Peter would exit a trade for a loss and how much for. No point trying to pretend that Peter does not have losing trades also!

“My feedback is… Brilliant!! Things are finally starting to click for me. Seeing how a pro trades has given me the eureka moment I have been waiting for. I will report back with how I get on”

Beta Tester Steven, Cheshire

Inside The Package

Intro Book: Orientation

This is a brief introduction to the world of tennis trading.

Peter does not bore you with how the game works and the rules but delves straight into how he approaches tennis trading. The most crucial part is How To Read A Tennis Match as this is pretty much how you will make your trading decisions when it comes to opening the strategies. You will also find out How to choose which matches to trade, What key stats to look for, Banking & Staking, The ideal tennis trading matches & 3 common tennis trading mistakes to avoid!

Strategy 1 – The Breaking Back Trade

Every strategy is based on a key entry point within a tennis match. This particular one can happen multiple times in almost every set and is Peter’s most used strategy when trading tennis.

The best part is that it is so low risk since you are taking advantage of a market over reaction and so losses if it goes wrong are minimal.

The strategy outline is accompanied by the usual 6 real life examples with every trade explained including the below beauty from a match between Murray & Berdych. Peter executed this trade just twice and ended up with a 40% return on his original stake. This is quite substantial when you consider that Peter experiences average losses on this trade of just 5% on original risk!

Strategy 2 – The Pressure Point

This strategy entry point might pop up 1-3 times per set but the strike rate on it is very high since you are really taking advantage of a crucial moment in a tennis match where a player will really be feeling the pressure. This creates a low risk situation where you can lay that player and, usually, get the chance to trade out at higher odds in the proceeding points.

The risk on this trade is quite minimal and Peter can usually pick up profits of 20% roi on a winning trade and worst case losses of 10% on losing trades. This means you do not need a high strike rate to do well using the pressure point.

Within the 6 real life examples you will see just how Peter executes this trade including the winning trade shown below from a Nishikori-Andujar match which took less then 5 minutes! This trade turned out to be a winner even though the actual scenario ended up going totally against him! You will also see how Peter managed to minimise losses down to a mere 1% when using this trade in an Andy Murray match that went horribly wrong!

“Been using the breaking back strategy on the women’s matches all week and the overall p&l is in solid profit. Small stakes but paid for a nice italian meal on Saturday”

Beta Tester Victor, Reading

Strategy 3 – The Stubborn Dog Trade

This strategy can be regularly used in matches where there is a significant favourite playing a significant underdog. Peter explains just what you should be looking for in order to open this trade and just what you should be looking for even after the trade is open. You will benefit a huge amount from Peter’s match reading skills as this trade really does require you to pay attention to certain things and you will discover exactly what that is and the pay off can be spectacular.

The expected profits that can be produced on this trade average around 25% roi, whilst the worst case scenario losses can be around the 20% mark. You should not take many losses if you pay attention to the warning signs and also if you copy the unique trading style that Peter has. In the examples, you will see how Peter coped with a worst case scenario and also how he managed to get losses down to a small 1% when a trade went suddenly against him. The below trade is a nice example of how it took just 15 minutes for Peter to spot the signals, enter the trade and make a tidy profit of 28% roi on his stake not long after with little threat.

Strategy 4 – The Choker Trade

Probably, the most thrilling strategy to use within the package. This strategy can be quite high risk but can also be hugely rewarding too when it goes right. When it goes well, it can go very, very well!

Peter suggests you can make returns of over 100% roi depending on the time you execute the trade and also depending on how aggressive you are.

The 6 Real Life examples that are included within this strategy book aim to show you a wide range of scenarios and situations in which this trade can be used. This includes a quite remarkable trade that you can see illustrated below. You will discover just how this profit was achieved by using this strategy just 3 times and with Peter not risking any of his own money in the process. This shows the beauty of “playing up profits” which is something that can make you very wealthy from trading tennis.

Also, in book 4 you will find out exactly how the below profit was achieved using this strategy and a risk of only £10. Peter will take you through a move by move commentary to show you exactly how he managed a remarkable 730% ROI using the choker trade just by being dynamic!

Strategy 5 – The Turnaround Trade

The final strategy of the package may not have a high strike rate but it can produce a high return on investment…

Peter can often produce profits of over 100% roi which is quite amazing. It is amazing since Peter can manage to limit his losses down to less then 10% in some circumstances.

Within the real life examples you will see how Peter managed to reduce a bad trade down to just a 6% loss when spotting the signals that it was going to go against him.

You will also see just how the below green screen was produced from a risked stake of just £35. This created a profit of just over 237% roi and just shows that being patient can really pay off within tennis trading, although 25 minutes is not that long to wait in order to profit!

“Tennis trading for profit is definitely not easy but from reading through it has made me feel much more confident. I now know what I was doing wrong previously and I am inspired to get going again”

Beta Tester Andreas, London



This is a SUPER Premium Product and Only available for a limited amount of time!

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Quick Message From The Author:

Hi guys

Just firstly want to thank Mark and the team for allowing me the opportunity to do this. I am really pleased with the package and this really is something I can show the grandkids!

My style of trading is what I like to call “dynamic”.

I do not open a trade and then just sit there hoping it wins, I am constantly active once the trade is open and I might be trading back my stake or even adding more liability depending how it is progressing. I learned this from my brother in law who trades shares. Every point matters when trading tennis and so you have to react and make a decision on every point once you get into a trade.

I know many will wonder why I am doing this and, to be honest, I was wondering the same thing. It actually took a year of persuading before I eventually decided to give it a go. At the end of the day, my style of trading is not a “magic formula” that I want kept secret. I only profit from tennis trading due to reading the match and responding to how it unfolds. I am not afraid of other people trying the same thing since it will not affect the markets. The only thing that will affect my style of tennis trading was if all players suddenly turned into machines that did not make mistakes but as long as players keep making mistakes I know I can trade tennis for a profit.

I agreed to do this package only if I could just explain how I personally trade tennis. I may do this for a living but I am far from the model professional and I will be as honest as I can with how I go about it. I do not read form, look at stats or anything like that, it really is just me sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea reacting to certain events and you will discover this too.

I am a little bit nervous about potentially having to deal with lots of email support which is why there will only be a small amount of copies sold initially. My email address is inside the package so you can contact me with any questions.

I really hope you check it out and I am looking forward to helping out some like minded traders!

Peter Scott

Terms & Conditions :

Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within this package we simply can not offer a refund policy on this product. This is a digital information based product and since there is no possible way to return information once you have learned it there is no possible way to return the product fairly.
By not offering a refund policy we are protecting honest customers such as yourself that will benefit from the information contained within. Unfortunately, there are many people online who buy products with the sole intention of returning them and sharing them on download sites. Therefore, we have to protect the exclusive nature of our product by having this policy.
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This is a SUPER Premium Product and Only available for a limited amount of time!

If you do have any questions, then email us anytime !