How To REALLY Make Money At Cheltenham

cheltenham racingSo here we are at the start of the BIGGEST week in the racing calendar and an apparent “punters heaven”.

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 This is the one week of the year when everyone suddenly becomes a horse racing expert and casual punters all over the land end up doing their brains following tipsters they probably do not follow at any other time of the year.

If you are smart then the real way to make money at Cheltenham is by being a bonus hunter taking advantage of the overly generous bookmaker offers and deals. If you are experienced then this is probably not applicable for you but if you are new to this you have the chance to pocket several hundred pounds in RISK FREE cash by the end of the week. This could be a very lucrative week if you play it right.

 I still remember my “first Cheltenham” back when I was a bonus hunter. This was in my early days on Betfair and when I was still finding my feet with trading and I was dabbling in “matched betting”. I got myself organised on the Monday afternoon and went at it for the week until Friday and found myself £900 better off. Those were the golden days though.

 The next year I did the same for “a friend” using their account details (disclaimer: I do not condone this) and made £800 which we split.

 These days it is not likely I can make as much from the bonus hunting as I am gubbed by several bookmakers but I have had my day with it anyway. This does not mean there are not opportunities out there and if you are new to it all then there is money on the table if you want it.

 Over the weekend I spoke with the king of bonus hunting Mike “Bonus Bagging” Cruickshank to ask how much he thought a newbie could grab this week if they signed up today. His estimate was anything from “£200-500” and that is all RISK FREE.

 So my advice would be…

 Do not end up like all the mugs who will be throwing their hard earned cash on the horses and inevitably ending the week with a loss.

 Sign up to Profit Maximiser, apply the techniques and by 6pm Friday you should be counting your winnings guaranteed.

This is the sensible and clever way to go at Cheltenham anyway. Thank me on Friday 😉


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