Bonus Bagging: Champions League Special

With the big one happening this Saturday night I thought it was best to take a look at some of the special bookmaker offers that are available for the Champions League final and how we can best play them to secure some risk free profits.

The best man for the job is, of course,  Mike Cruickshank from Bonus Bagging who does this for a living and makes a very tidy amount from it!

STL: Hi Mike, Any interesting offers for this Saturday?

Mike: Hi Ben, Yes there is a great reload free bet offer with Betdaq. Place a £10 bet on the Champions League Final and they will credit you with a £10 free bet to use in Euro 2012.

To qualify for this offer place a £10 back bet with Betdaq on Bayern Munich to win and a £10 lay bet with Betfair on Bayern Munich .This will lose 50p but will qualify you for the £10 Euro 2012 free bet where you could do the same on any match and lock in an easy £9 profit risk free. This offer is open to anyone and everyone who has a Betdaq account so it would be silly not to do it!

STL: I see Paddy Power offer money back if Chelsea win the Champions League, anyway to lock in profits from that?

Mike: I am afraid it does not look like a great offer from a risk free point of view. The most I could do is lock in a £3 loss.

Another way to play it would be to just back and lay any Correct Score where Bayern Munich win at closest odds possible and then hope for a Chelsea victory. For a risk of a few pounds you could get a £100 refund from Paddy if you went for it. Currently, there are not any close odds though but you might be able to get this closer to kick off.

STL: I see, any other good offers at the moment?

Mike: There is not much else Champions League specific but I expect Euro 2012 will have plenty of opportunities and there is no better time of the year to be bonus bagging. If anyone needs any help with maximizing profits or getting the best new account offers then click here and click the contact page.

STL: It is interesting you say there is no better time to be bonus bagging, I take it things are still going strong. Do you find most people worry this will only be a short term scheme?

Mike: Yes a lot of people do think it’s a short-term scheme.

I frequently email out free bet reload offers that are open to all players. A lot of Bonus Bagging members made £300 during the Cheltenham Festival in 4 days all from reload free bet offers.

I also have no problem with my members sending any offers the bookies have emailed them and showing them how to use it.

STL: It only costs about £27 one off fee to sign up to Bonus Bagging and a new user can expect to make that money back within 2-3 bets. Do you find people think it’s a bit too good to be true?

Mike: Yes of course, there is a lot of garbage advertised on the Internet. This product certainly isn’t. It is the real deal and will make a long-term income. It wouldn’t be on your blog if it weren’t a high quality product!

STL:  You are also encouraging arbitrage too. Is there anything you can say about this side of things?

Mike:  Yes I have set up arbitrage software for Bonus Bagging members. This is an extra £10 a month but is much better than anything else out there, even the £100 a month software.

If you want a betting system that is going to be around forever and make 5% guaranteed profit per bet then arbitrage is for you!

Thank Mike, I expect there will be some people kicking themselves when they realise just how easy it is to make money from Bonus Bagging.

So, there you have a way of making a risk free £10 from the final at least and also, if you are daring, you could use the paddy power offer to your advantage.

Remember, Bonus Bagging really is as good as it sounds and you can easily make an extra few hundred pounds a month doing it. You can try out Mike’s service risk free by clicking here.




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