The Mugs Selections 17th December 2011

The Mug is starting to become the new star of this blog!

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I was looking at the stats for the past two weeks and the most viewed page on the site was The Mugs selections for last weekend!

I may as well not bother with my “informative” ramblings then 😉

Anyway, The Mug has won 12 of his last 14 bets and is on the type of run that would have most paid tipsters shouting from the hilltops! I am personally waiting for it all to blow up in his face so it will be interesting to see how he does this weekend. The Mug will also be back with a Christmas special for the Boxing day fixtures!

Also, if you havent yet checked it out, I am expecting the early bird offer at the football trading academy to be withdrawn at some point this weekend. So, you should check this out if you want more info about that. You will only end up kicking yourself when the price goes up and you realise you missed out on such a cheap offer!

The Mugs Selections

Match Odds

Back Chelsea @ 1.40

Back Man City @ 1.78

Back Liverpool @ 1.97


Under/Over 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Wigan/Chelsea @ 1.70

Under 2.5 Goals Aston Villa/Liverpool @ 1.78

Over 2.5 Goals Man City/Arsenal @ 1.70

If you aren’t sure of who The Mug is then read this but to cut a long story short we will be following his selections to see if value really does matter or can you win just by predicting winners? Think of him as being like the STL version of Paul The Octopus 


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