The Mugs Selections: 24th September 2011

So here we are with The Mugs first selections. He has said he is a little bit nervous about making his selections public for the world to see but I have reassured him that no one actually cares and everyone isThe Mugs Bets expecting him to fail anyway!

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If you aren’t sure of who The Mug is then read this.

The rules are that he HAS to have a bet on EVERY premier league match in the match odds and the Under/over markets. The prices stated below are the prices at the time of writing and are subject to change. There is no explanation for the bets as The Mug is your typical Mug punter who doesn’t bother with research! So let’s see if The Mug can turn a profit just by betting on what he thinks will happen as opposed to taking value bets.


The Mugs Bets:


Man City V Everton = Home Win @ 1.46

Over 2.5 @ 1.74


Arsenal V Bolton = Home Win @ 1.45

Over 2.5 @ 1.65


Chelsea V Swansea = Home Win @ 1.22

Under 2.5 @ 2.86


Liverpool V Wolves = Draw @ 5

Under 2.5 @ 2.18


Newcastle V Blackburn = Blackburn @ 4.8

Over 2.5 @ 2.06


West Brom V Fulham = Draw @ 3.35

Under 2.5 @ 1.80


Wigan V Spurs = Spurs @ 1.96

Under 2.5 @ 2.04


Stoke V Man Utd = Man Utd @ 1.56

Under 2.5 @ 2.16


QPR V Aston Villa = Home Win @ 2.32

Under 2.5 @ 1.73


Norwich V Sunderland = Draw @ 3.40

Under 2.5 @ 1.88

Final Total to £100 stakes: – £116

Strike Rate: 10-10


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