Why You Should NEVER Bet On Nil Nil

You should never bet on a 0-0 scoreline in a football match! Never Ever!

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I have known this for a while but it only really hit me last night as I watched the Man City- Spurs clash!

You should never bet on a game to be 0-0 as you simply aren’t getting the best possible value!

Yesterday I suggested that Man City Spurs could be a good shout for a goalless score-line and it eventually finished as 1-0 to Man City. Thankfully, I never actually took the bet anyway however if I had my wits about me then there is a way I could have had this bet and still won!

If you bet on there to be “No Goalscorer” then you are effectively backing the 0-0 however own goals don’t count!

Man City beat Spurs 1-0 courtesy of a Peter Crouch own goal and so if you backed “No Goalscorer” you would have still won!

Betting on a match to be goalless isn’t the type of bet that many people will actually do and it certainly takes a brave man to do that. However, if you ever plan to do that bet then make sure you bet on the “No Goalscorer” market as opposed to the correct score market. The odds will still be the same but even if the match finished 3-3 and all the goals were own goals then you still win!

Very nice loophole!


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  1. Hi,yes the 0-0 bet is a tricky one to think of why to ever bet it,however its not a single bet of any purpose on its own its totaly pointless.But put it in the contex of a backup safety net and the generous odds come into there own.I use such tackticts and it essentially helps me to maintain a certain level of loss max per bet,and the outlay for me is average 15% per match.This caution on my part helps me to maintain my 3/4pt max loss.And when you consider that my max point gain is 80/83% of my stake,this means that i average o.6 trading profit on a win soccer bet,and im only aiming for 0.5pts here,and my average loss per none profitable trade out position is also 0.6pts,this means that actually im trading at evens both ways.My percentage wins are currently over 70%,and thats plenty even to level stakes.My point is all this is possible due to my cautious 0-0 draw cover bet.. . . . jay

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