Is This The Ultimate In-Play Horse Trading Strategy?

Well Saturday saw the grand national which is normally the only time of the year I will have random punt on a horse race and only because everyone else is doing it. I have done it for many years now and have never had a winner so I decided to try and play this year’s one in a more clever way.

I watched the race with a few people and said I was going to place my bets DURING the race. This got a few weird looks from people who then said I should double check you are allowed to do that!

Anyway, my strategy was to wait till around 2 minutes into the race and back the front 3 runners. This way I could still get pretty good odds on the front runners as the race hadn’t gone on long enough for any horse to shorten considerably.

Thankfully, the winner Ballabrigs was in second place as I threw my bets in the market and I got matched at around 12s which wasn’t too bad considering its SP was 15. The second place at the time was Santa’s son which was 100-1 and that obviously got me pretty excited! Can’t remember the third horse I backed since it didn’t matter as Ballabrigs held on to the lead all the way to the end. I made sure to lay the horse once it traded below evens so I could get my stake back.

Bizarrely, no one was that happy for me even though I had just backed the winning horse in the Grand National. Everyone said “but you cheated“, which made me laugh quite a bit. If only there was a way to cheat and win on a horse race then I would do it every time.
It has made me think that this could be a viable strategy on a horse race like this. If you pick one which has no clear favourite and is a long distance. You would certainly have a good chance of getting the winner that way, as opposed to simply backing the horse that has a name you like best!